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VisionBoardbannerPNGVision boards are a great tool to help you manifest what you want. Vision Boards, also called treasure maps, assist you in adjusting your belief system. You can move up your emotional ladder more easily, past self-limiting barriers, to reach your goals and create the life you desire. The truth is that we're more accustomed to visualizing negative things – like car accidents or the death of someone we love. Why not take some of that energy and start to use it to visualize what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want!

According to a recent article by Ralph Michaels, "vision is the most primal, and dominant of the human senses. It even shows up in mythology and spiritualism; you never hear of a mystic trying to open his inner ear, but tales of opening your inner eye to receive enlightenment abound. As such, vision plays a great role not only in how we perceive the world, but how we shape it.

There are all kinds of vision boards – even ones to use as screensavers! Special software, called Vision Board, is a powerful application for your computer that enables you to take the Teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction and apply them in your daily life. It helps you to visualize your goals and dreams in a unique and dynamic way on your computer screen, using your personal dream images. You can even combine these images with self-chosen affirmations and emotional power words.

Of course, making your own vision board the "old-fashioned" way is fun and easy. Just cut out pictures of things you want from magazines, newspapers or websites. Then paste them on a piece of poster board. Spend time looking at it everyday, enjoying the feeling of knowing that what you are wanting is in the process of making its way to you! By focusing on your Vision Board every day, you will attract your goals into your reality.

We have three Vision Boards at our house – one for career, one for a new home and one for travel. We add new things to them whenever we find pictures we like. Of course, we could have put all of the pictures on the same board, but we thought it would be fun to keep them subject specific. The best part of vision boarding is that are no rules. Start anywhere, snip anything and let your imagination guide you to remarkable places! Click for Special Offer


A simple yet powerful technique is to start a Gratitude Journal. A gratitude or appreciation journal is a very special book reserved for you to record all of the things you are grateful for or appreciate in your life. Click here for more info.


Sandi Kimmel is a singer-songwriter, music healer and inspirational speaker who weaves ancient wisdom, positive messages and sing-out-loud songs for anyone on…or near their spiritual path. Universal and non-denominational, her Inspirational workshops, and trio of albums in her Wisdom Music Collection are filled with “music you hear with your heart.” Popular with audiences of all ages, Sandi uplifts listeners with her warm and soothing voice, tuneful songs and loving energy.

“When I listen to your music, I am in total connection to Spirit.” — Jean T., CA

Reach Up - The Soundtrack for the Spiritual Journey

Songs to uplift. Songs to sing along. Songs to support the journey for anyone on (or near) their spiritual path. "If ever there were a time, it's Now..." More info

“You capture the essence of every spiritual teaching in your songs. Your music helps me know what I believe in.” — Laura G., AL

Music in My Soul - Songs for the Heart & Soul

Uplifting and empowering songs about love, life and wisdom. Guaranteed to boost your energy and raise your spirits! More info

“Your CDs have encouraged me when I felt down, calmed me when I needed soothing and cheer me when I want to sing along.” —Anthea, farmer, British Columbia

Transitions - Music to Soothe the Soul

Songs to soothe you through all of the changes and challenges of life. Healing support for wherever you are on the journey, based on the healing power of music. More info

Audio CDs of Four of Sandi’s Most Popular Workshops:

“You are an awesome speaker with a wonderful message!” Sharon K., TX

Audio Workshops of
Sandi Kimmel's Most Popular Workshops:


What's all the buzz about? The meteoric rise in popularity of 'The Secret' DVD and book has resulted in increased awareness (and curiosity) about Law of Attraction. But as with any major life change, learning how to put Law of Attraction into action in your own life, especially during economically challenging times, takes some effort and persistence to actually make something happen.

You hold the key to your happiness. That's not a platitude or hokey "new age" statement. It's the truth. Happiness is a choice, like everything else. You are free to choose a life of joy, abundance and love, or you can choose a life of misery, poverty and loneliness. You are the only one who makes your life come true. (You and Law of Attraction, that is.)

Musical motivational speaker and longtime Law of Attraction practitioner Sandi Kimmel shares tips, tools and techniques to help you claim your own personal power and live the life of your dreams. This workshop will teach you how to tap into your own power by using your emotions to guide you and how to use Law of Attraction music to help you manifest your dreams. More info

“Thank you so much for your insights, and for reminding us what’s really important in life – to love and be loved.” Juanita M., CA


STAY TUNED – Using Music for Manifesting, Meditating and More

This uplifting and informative program focuses on the ways that music can enhance our lives. Music is a wonderful tool for mood improvement, increased energy and for relaxation, once we learn how to tap into its healing power. Combining education and entertainment, songwriter/music healer Sandi Kimmel shares songs, stories and suggestions for using music in new ways for enjoyment and introspection.

This innovative presentation on the healing power of music includes original songs, stories of their use, group participation and interactivity. Participants will learn how and why music moves us to new places, the many applications using music including musical affirmations, as well as when, why and how to use familiar and non-familiar music for energy, upliftment and introspection. More info


Invite Sandi to speak at your next conference or meeting. Call 619-838-1170 or email

HEART WIDE OPEN – Self-Care for Everyone

In addition to the 90,000 thoughts we have each day, we are continually bombarded with new information and stimulation, leaving little room for calm. It is now well documented that reducing stress can make a big difference in our overall health and well-being. Most of us burn the candle at both ends and wonder why we are exhausted and irritable.

Inspirational speaker/self-care expert/ songwriter, Sandi Kimmel, shares a variety of techniques based on her handbook, HEART WIDE OPEN. You’ll learn simple suggestions to turn down the volume including breathing, awareness of the present moment, the art of letting go, and many other tried-and-true techniques to guide you back into balance long after the workshop has ended.

Both interactive and introspective exercises give participants strategies for coping with daily pressures and stress, as well as support and guidance in real life situations. Tips, tools and techniques, integrated with music, give participants a variety of useful methods to help them on the path to self-care. More info

“You rocked my soul!” Suzanne K, CA


JOURNEY TO JOY – 10 Steps to Authenticity

As children, we had an irrepressible sense of excitement about the experience of life, and bounded ahead in the face of adversity. (Think of learning to walk, and how many times we fell down and got up again, determined to succeed.) We were authentic to our core and instinctively knew how to squeeze every last drop of joy out of each moment. Little by little, our enthusiasm eroded by the winds of “reality” and we lost the sense of wonder that is our birthright.

Nothing robs us of our energy more than not being true to ourselves. This workshop reminds us of simple truths and easy techniques guaranteed to get us back into step with our own true nature. Inspirational speaker/recording artist Sandi Kimmel shows the way to uncover our authenticity – what it is, where it is, how we lost it, where to find it – to rekindle the magic within us. You’ll learn tried-and-true methods of self-discovery in all aspects of life, as well as ways to access well being anytime and anywhere. More info

“You have a gift from God to truly help people and bring out the best in them.” Judy B., IL

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