Sterling Heart founders Sandi Kimmel and Patrick Murphy

About Sterling Heart

Patrick Murphy and Sandi Kimmel are a husband-and-wife team sharing their talents and their hearts in a variety of ways.

Patrick creates the look and feel of Sterling Heart materials, including their websites, books, cards and art prints. A former advertising agency president, his designs, photography and illustrations bring these heart-centered products to life.

Sandi is a Musical Motivational Speaker and songwriter, who uses her music and her heart to uplift audiences around the globe. Called “a lifeguard in a sea of negativity,” Sandi's CDs, TRANSITIONS and MUSIC IN MY SOUL, are filled with positive, empowering and life-affirming messages and singable, tuneful melodies. Four of her most popular wellness workshops are available on CD to share with friends, staff and for repeated listening. She's a member of the Positive Music Association and the Healing Music Organization, and her award-winning website, www.musichealer.com is devoted to the healing power of music.

Together, they published HEART WIDE OPEN - Self-Care for Caregivers, a handbook for “anyone who has ever cared for anyone else.” Simple, useful and beautiful, the book “does what it is” and has sold thousands of copies to hospitals, healthcare organizations and individuals. This practical and powerful tool is now also available in Spanish.

In addition to their books and CDs, Sterling Heart also features limited edition Touchstone Art Prints featuring the inspiring combination of Sandi's uplifting lyrics with Patrick's breathtaking illustrations to adorn hospitals, offices, lounges and homes around the world.

Their sister websites, www.lawofattractiongateway.com and www.stressmanagementforcancerpatients.com offers books, CDs, DVDs, gifts and more for people who have discovered the Law of Attraction and are ready to use its principles to live their dreams.

Patrick and Sandi founded Sterling Heart, Inc., a company dedicated to making positive change in the world through heart-centered programs, products and services. They share their enthusiasm with every person they meet, product they create and workshop they offer.

For more information about Sterling Heart products, services or for booking information, please email: info@sterlingheart.com or call 619-838-1170

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